Companion planting is a form of natural pest control. Basically it means to grow plants that repel certain pests along with the regular plants in your garden. If you add plants to your garden that have odors or tastes that are offensive to pests, the insects will move on to other feeding grounds. Finding the right plants is something of a matter of trial and error depending on your geographical location, but below are some suggestions.

Suggested Companion Plantings

Pest — Plant Repellent

ants — spearmint, tansy, pennyroyal
been leaf beetle — onion, turnip, potato
Codling moth — common oleander
flea beetle — onion, mint, garlic
Harlequin bug — turnips, onion, radish
Japanese beetle — garlic, larkspur, red buckeye
Mexican bean beetle — potato, garlic, radish, onion
root-knot nematodes — French marigold
spider mites — onion, cloves, garlic
squash bug — marigold, radish
squash vine borer — cloves, garlic, onion
stink bug — radish
tomato hornworm — marigold, sage
whitefly — marigold, nasturtium


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