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The Early Signs of Termites

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If you’re trying to figure out what signs of termites are (AKA have you got termites in your home?), here’s the lowdown on these pesky insects:

Subterranean termites live deep in the ground, though they come up to feed the frequently. They live in colonies that can have as many as a quarter of a million termites. Drywood termites live in the wood they eat instead of underground. They’re colonies are smaller, and it’s easy for them to be accidentally transported in crates and furniture from one area to another.

Termites can be a problem even in brick houses. They can creep into cracks as small as a 32nd of an inch wide. Drywood termites are common in the Gulf States, California, and the islands in the Caribbean.

Newer homes are less likely to have termites infestations, but termites could become a problem early on if the house was built near an existing colony. Houses older than 35 years are the most likely to see termite damage.

Signs of Termites in the Home Include:

Tiny wings scattered around the floor/ground (could also mean ants) left over from “reproductive swarms” where the queens and their concerts fly out of the colony to mate before burrowing into the wood to lay eggs.

Oval, six-sided fecal pellets near “kick-out holes” are signs of Drywood termites cleaning out their tunnels.

Shelter tubes (pieces of earth and wood stuck together with a glue-like secretion) are a sign of subterranean termites. They are usually found hanging from a girder or joist or clinging to a foundation.

Dark or blistered areas in your wood flooring that can be easily scratched with a kitchen knife is a sign of subterranean termites. If you knock on the wood, you’ll hear an answering tapping that means the termite soldiers are alerting the others to danger by banging their heads on the walls.

If one or more of these signs of termites exists in your home, you should call an exterminator immediately.  The sooner you catch the damage, the less you’ll have to pony up for repair bills later.

Integrated Pest Management: What Is It?

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According to the book Common-Sense Pest Control, integrated pest management is, “an approach to pest control that utilizes regular monitoring to determine if and when treatments are needed and employs physical, mechanical, cultural, biological and educational tactics to keep pest numbers low enough to prevent intolerable damage or annoyance” (p. 38).

OK, so what does that mean? Basically, integrated pest management involves monitoring your house and backyard, or any other area where pests are a concern for you, and taking action when the pest problem is likely to cause economic or aesthetic damage, or become a medical issue. A wide range of pest control treatments are possible, as mentioned in other parts of the site, and you should choose one that is going to be, “most effective and least disruptive to natural pest controls” (p. 38).

It is important to consider whether the cost of any particular pest management program will be more than the value of the damage. As attractive as a beautiful green lawn is, you must ask yourself whether preventing the damage is more important than exposing “your family and pets to the potentially health-impairing chemicals in conventional pesticides, or, alternatively, whether you’re willing to put the requisite time and effort into less-toxic alternatives” (p. 38). In the end, the decision is yours, but please consider all of the alternatives carefully. Read books such as Common-Sense Pest Control, discuss plans with your local pest control specialists, and of course, check web sites such as this one.

Types of Deck Lights For Your Home

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Thinking of decorating the exterior of your home? Then let me tell you the easiest way which can not only increase the look of your home, but also help in enhancing the exterior, and that is deck lights.

There are many types of deck lights for your home, many of which you can install yourself. Planning for a simple installation allows you to decorate the exterior of your home with ease. There are other advantages of installing deck lights, not least of all the security aspect, and these things need to be taken into consideration early on.

Let’s take a look at some examples of deck lights. There are accent deck lights, recessed deck lights, stair deck lights, etc. You just know one of these choices will be perfect – but how to you choose?

Types of deck lights for your home

Many of the home owners have different perception, well some of the home owners want the style to get installed in their home exteriors in the form of deck lights for your home which are more costly but mark my words more appealing when you install it. While some of the home owners believe in simplicity and like the simple things to be install in their home and so this article is meant to give you all the varied choices which can help you in getting all the knowledge which you are in need of at the item for going for types of deck lights for your home.

I know you might be thinking that if you could get such deck lights for your home which can help you in enhancing the look of not only the deck but also for all of the exteriors of your home than mark my words you are going for the same thing which you are in need of. Accent deck lights for your home are considered to be the best types of deck lights for those home owners of having fantasy of growing their whole of the exteriors home to be the best in their appealing factor. The functioning of accent lights that they focus of the thing where you have placed it. Not only that but you can also go for the color accent deck lights which can definitely give you the most appealing ambience which the home owners are in actual need of. You can not only install in your deck but you can install it on your lamp post and the railing which is installed in your home.

There are varied options of deck lights for your home which you can install in your home but another option which you can install in your home for the matters of installing deck lights for your home is stair deck lights. This type of deck lights are common in the market which you can observe in most of the houses too. The installation process of stair deck lights for your home is very simple and easy which the home owners can easily get comply of. It helps the members of the home to keep the safe feet on the stairs because of the light the visibility of the stairs is even better and thus a good option which the home owners can install in their home. Not only that but the structure of the stair deck lights are small in size but it comes in various types of shapes and styles which the home owners can go for in their home.

If you are having the plans for getting lower budget kind of deck lights for your home than you must go for such type deck lights which can help you in lowering down your energy consumption bills which can help you in saving up your money factor. Well, don’t worry but your option is being in my use, you can go for low voltage deck lights which are easily available in the market. The bulbs which are used in the as lights in it are low cost and thus are of halogen which only consumes 10 watts of power of your energy consumption, which can be definitely said as the saving up of energy consumption which is going to increase the efficiency of your home. Not only that but you can also go for solar deck lights which are just considered to be the alternative option for the use of low voltage deck lights for your home.

Finally, if you do have a pool, deck lights can complement the aesthetic beautifully. The site of your deck and pool lit up nicely can be breathtaking!


What To Look For In A Pest Control Company

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Have you found suspicious holes in your framework? Finding mouse poop in with the utensils? Maybe you are trying to grow some prize winning tomatoes, but have an infestation of hornworm, or are finding that every time you go down to the basement there is a string of ants moving back and forth.

If you have these or any other pest problems, you have probably considered calling a pest control company to help deal with the situation. A lot of people will try to get rid of pests on their own first, but quite often this does not solve the problem in the long run. Most pests are prolific and reproduce in hard to reach areas. In this way, they are a lot like weeds; you have to address the problem at it’ root. The problem with pests is that they are living and the “roots” can be hard to find.

A pest control company should help you to address your pest problem right at the source, in such a way that it is unlikely to recur. Most pest control companies and operators are far from the stereotypical image that you may have in mind from pop culture; many are very knowledgeable operators with encyclopaedic references to many different kinds of pest. They can get rid of your pest problem in the shortest possible time and with the least amount of inconvenience to you and your family, but it’s important to know what to look for before you hire someone. Let’s take a quick look at some items to put on your checklist when you’re looking for someone to deal with your pests.

* Integrated pest management. You’ve probably seen something on television or in a movie where there is a pest problem and Bugs B Gone or some other fictitious company moves in and moves the family out for weeks or months to fumigate. Today’s pest control companies are very aware not only of causing the least amount of inconvenience, but also of using the least amount of chemicals to achieve the end. We’ll take a closer look at what integrated pest management is in another article, but for now look for a company that uses this approach as one of their basic methods.

* Guarantees. The very last thing you want is to pay some hard earned dollars and two weeks later find that the very pests that were supposed to have been taken care of are back again. Look for a pest control company that is willing to guarantee in writing that they will continue to work for the stated price until your pest problem is solved.

* Trade associations. Like many companies, there is no binding law governing a pest control company. The best way to make sure a pest control company is reputable is to check if they are members of trade associations; these associations generally have strict standards and will not allow membership from sketchy businesses.

* Flexible contract terms. Finally, check out the fine print between you and the pest control company. Because they involve living beings, pest problems can be tricky. You might find that you need more work done than you bargained for, and you want to make sure to keep the costs down. Good pest control companies will know this up front and it will be reflected in their contract terms.


Security Screens – What Are The Benefits?

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Security screens for your windows and doors are an excellent investment in your residential property. Providing protection from a variety of intrusions, they’re an effective means of securing your home, enhancing its value, and making it a safer and more comfortable place for your family to reside.

Enhanced Security

Homes that lack security features, like security screens and doors, are top targets for thieves, especially if other properties in the immediate area are properly secured as this makes the unsecured property the most obvious target. By having quality security screens fitted to your doors and windows, you’re making it much more difficult for intruders to break into your home. In fact, many would-be burglars won’t even attempt to gain entry to a home that’s protected by security screens because it’s so difficult.

No Natural Intrusions

In addition to preventing unlawful intrusions from criminals, good security screens fitted to doors and windows are also capable of preventing natural intrusions into the home, like dirt blown in by the wind, as well as mosquitos, flies and other insects, not to mention the harmful UV rays that quality security screens block a high percentage of. A premium-quality security screen mesh from a leading brand like Crimsafe helps to prevent these natural intrusions that can put your family’s health and safety at risk while enabling you to keep your windows open to let the fresh outside air and breeze enter your home.

Enhanced Property Value

When homeowners invest in quality security screens for the doors and windows of their homes, as well as areas like enclosed verandahs, they’re making an investment in residential security that also has the effect of enhancing the financial value of their property. What’s more, these security products are also an excellent investment for landlords as they make their rental properties more appealing to prospective tenants because of their security and lifestyle enhancing qualities that have made them such a popular choice among Australian homeowners.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of installing security screens on your home, please get in touch with your local  Security Door and Screen installers. I bet they look forward to telling you on the many benefits that the premium-quality products in there security screen range have to offer you.


Top Reasons For Yearly Pest Control Checks

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If you value your home, then you probably understand that there are some key things that you should do to ensure that your home is always in top notch condition and maintained well so that its value never depreciates. One of the key processes that should be adhered to are pest control checks. And when doing these, some people opt to have them done on a bi-annual basis, which is better although the best is to do them on a yearly basis.

Here are the reasons why you need yearly pest inspections:

They act as insurance

One of the best insurances you can get for your home is to have it checked yearly to prevent pest infestations. It can’t be denied that pests can massively set you back financially if they are not kept in check which in turn makes it a matter of great importance for you to have them checked and exterminated if there is need. If you want to prevent financial setbacks, you should consider hiring a home pest control company.


The main purpose why regular pest inspections are carried out is for the purpose of weeding out pests before they become an outbreak. As the old adage says, prevention is better than cure. The thing with household pests is that in most cases, it’s incredibly difficult to notice them and they can spread like a wildfire without you even having an idea. By getting your house checked on a yearly basis, you will be going a long way in preventing the silent spreading of these pests.

Peace of mind

Your home, is your most valuable asset and it’s really fulfilling to know that it is safe from harmful elements that could cause a lot of damage like pests do. Apart from that, when you get residential pest control services, you would also be taking measures to ensure that you will always be in good health because having yearly checks for pests for your home, will also indirectly destroy any household pest associated diseases that can be a menace.

Save time

A pest check can take about 30 minutes to an hour. If you compare this with time spent in renovating a house that has suffered damage due to pests, you’ll see that it is actually less time consuming to have a pest control company check your home and deal with the pests than it is to wait for your house to be renovated after it has been damaged by pests. If time is a priority for you, then it’s vitally important for you to work with a pest control company that will ensure that all pests in your home are professionally dealt with as they should be.

If you are looking for a Pest Control company that you can partner with to carry out a great pest inspection, then feel free to visit Exceed Pest Control.